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Did the Property Developer encourage you to use their “Pet Solicitors”

The Government is being urged to take action against the appointment of “Pet Solicitors” by developers when it reforms the leasehold property market. The Government recently announced plans to hold a consultation on a range of issues relating to leasehold property in particular the concern about onerous ground rent clauses contained in some leasehold contracts.

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Counting the cost of NHS clinical negligence claims: but what lies behind the headlines?

NHS Resolution has recently released its first annual report since changing its name from NHS Litigation Authority; and it reveals a raft of statistics that shine a spotlight on NHS clinical negligence claims.

As a law firm that has specialised in clinical negligence compensation claims for over 30 years, we’ve seen first-hand the practical and political changes behind the statistics. Sadly, more recently we’ve come to expect the slightly-skewed approach taken by the tabloid media which points the finger of responsibility for the rising costs at lawyers!

Our latest blog consider this recent report, the truth behind the headlines and what this means for victims of clinical negligence claims.

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Is this the beginning of the end for whiplash claims?

Sara Westwood considers the Governments intentions to introduce legislation to limit the compensation paid to the innocent victims of road traffic accidents.

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Sara Westwood discusses the impact of mental health issues, resulting from an avoidable incident or accident and how MJP Solicitors can help.

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NHSLA Rebrand

The National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHSLA) are rebranding, what changes can we expect?

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Would I be able to claim for my injury in the future?

As a result of persistent lobbying by the insurance industry the Government will bring in legislation in October 2018, to restrict and reduce claims and cap the compensation payable for people who have been injured in road traffic accidents.

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