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Ban on epilepsy drug, sodium valproate in pregnancy

On the 24th April 2018, drug regulator the MRHA says the drug must no longer be prescribed to girls and women of child-bearing age in the UK unless they sign a form to say that they understand the risks.

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Prosecution begins into the death of seven-year old Summer Grant on a bouncy castle at a funfair in Harlow, Essex

The prosecution of Shelby and William Thurston for manslaughter and a HSE offence will begin on 16th April 2018 at 2pm at Chelmsford Crown Court.

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Male Cancers

This week (9th – 15th April 2018) is the 10th Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week.

This hugely important week raises awareness of male specific cancers - penile, testicular and prostate. The charity provides practical advice, support and information on the detection, diagnosis and treatment of these cancers.

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Death Arising from Medical Negligence

Losing a loved one if always difficult, but to lose someone because of negligent medical treatment can be devastating and brings with it an added layer of distress to cope with. Morgan Jones Pett Partner, Sara Westwood, an experienced medical negligence solicitor writes about her experiences and shares her view on the current law.

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Five of the most common clinical negligence claims in the UK.

We are highly experienced specialists in clinical negligence claims and understand that sometimes things can go wrong when you’ve been treated by the NHS.

We work hard to recover compensation for those affected by these mistakes and aim for results that drive change, so that no one else has to suffer in the same way.

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Change is on the way for inquests to be held into stillbirths

Unless you’ve been affected by stillbirth, many people will be surprised to learn that current legislation means there is no investigation by a coroner into a baby’s death. For many years there have been calls by campaign groups to change this, and in February, the Parliamentary Members Bill regarding Coroners’ Investigations into still births had its second reading.

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Urban Myth Buster - Can homeowners be sued if they clear snow or ice from driveways or paths if someone then slips on it and hurts themselves?

As the snow falls heavily across the UK in the grip of the ‘Beast from the East’, homeowners are busy digging out snow and creating neat pathways to their doors. Some neighbourly-spirited folk are even clearing the public footpaths and roads outside their house too.

But what if a visiting Postie (or anyone else for that matter) slips on your path and breaks their arm? What then? Could they sue you

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Dental Negligence – no reason to smile

Morgan Jones Pett lawyer, Simon Bransby, discusses why dental negligence claims give you nothing to smile about.

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Fundamental Dishonesty – Why would you?

Morgan Jones Pett lawyer, Simon Bransby, writes about fraudulent injury claims and asks, why would you?

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