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Broken Hearted: clinical negligence cases involving heart surgery

The heart is the most important muscle in the human body. It works 24 hours a day and each day will beat about 100,000 times. Simon Bransby, a specialist clinical negligence lawyer at Morgan Jones Pett, looks at some of the procedures and problems that he encounters as part of his work.

WorldHeartDay - 29th September

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National Audit Office Report on Cost in Clinical Negligence Cases

The National Audit Office (NAO) has recently published its report into the financial implications of clinical negligence claims on the NHS, and the factors behind the well-publicised increase.

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Clinical Negligence involving Urological Conditions

At Morgan Jones Pett Solicitors, our lawyers have experience of dealing with different types of urological clinical negligence claims, from testicular cancer to vaginal mesh complications.

25th - 29th September is #UrologyWeek

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When will the NHS learn from mistakes?

Sara Westwood comments on a report published recently by NHS Resolutions who handle claims on behalf of NHS Trusts.

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Retinal Detachment

Our eyes are the windows to the world and most of us nowadays know the importance of keeping them healthy which includes regular checks with our optician.

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How laboratory tests can diagnose cancer in the blood

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month.

You may be surprised to learn that more people die from blood cancer than breast cancer and prostate cancer.

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Late or misdiagnosed Prostate Cancer

David Jones discusses the late or misdiagnosis of Prostate Cancer

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Liability in Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents can and do take all shapes and forms…

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Did the Property Developer encourage you to use their “Pet Solicitors”

The Government is being urged to take action against the appointment of “Pet Solicitors” by developers when it reforms the leasehold property market. The Government recently announced plans to hold a consultation on a range of issues relating to leasehold property in particular the concern about onerous ground rent clauses contained in some leasehold contracts.

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