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Archive of: David Jones

How laboratory tests can diagnose cancer in the blood

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month.

You may be surprised to learn that more people die from blood cancer than breast cancer and prostate cancer.

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Late or misdiagnosed Prostate Cancer

David Jones discusses the late or misdiagnosis of Prostate Cancer

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Is this the Future for Birth Injury Cases?

The Department of Health has announced proposals for a “Rapid Resolution and Redress (RRR) scheme” for the compensation of severe avoidable birth injury as an alternative to litigating through the Courts.

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How far will this Government go to prevent YOU making a Compensation Claim

The government has announced plans to overhaul the Personal Injury Sector based on a flawed premise backed up by scant evidence that their intentions are to combat fraud in the claims process. They do so against the very doubtful pledge from insurance companies that savings will be passed on to consumers

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