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Archive of: February, 2018

Urban Myth Buster - Can homeowners be sued if they clear snow or ice from driveways or paths if someone then slips on it and hurts themselves?

As the snow falls heavily across the UK in the grip of the ‘Beast from the East’, homeowners are busy digging out snow and creating neat pathways to their doors. Some neighbourly-spirited folk are even clearing the public footpaths and roads outside their house too.

But what if a visiting Postie (or anyone else for that matter) slips on your path and breaks their arm? What then? Could they sue you

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Dental Negligence – no reason to smile

Morgan Jones Pett lawyer, Simon Bransby, discusses why dental negligence claims give you nothing to smile about.

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Fundamental Dishonesty – Why would you?

Morgan Jones Pett lawyer, Simon Bransby, writes about fraudulent injury claims and asks, why would you?

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East of England Ambulance Trust (EEAST) – A service in crisis

Once again, the East of England Ambulance Trust (EEAST) is making the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Speaking in the House of Commons last week, North Norfolk MP - Norman Lamb - raised a number of concerns about EEAST, after he met with a senior whistle-blower within the trust.

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Fatal Accidents

Following a fatal accident there are a variety of legal avenues that enable families to not only understand the circumstances that resulted in their loved ones death, but to also seek compensation if another person is responsible for the accident.

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