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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month. This blog by Simon Bransby, specialist injury lawyer at Morgan Jones Pett, discusses his recently concluded breast cancer clinical negligence case.

Our client was a single mother with two primary school aged children. She attended her GP having noticed a lump in her right breast and was quickly referred to the local hospital where she underwent breast imaging consisting of a mammography and breast ultrasound. The scans identified an irregular mass deep in her right breast which was high suspicious of malignancy. This was then subject to a fine needle aspiration cytology which subsequently reported as showing features in keeping with a benign reactive lymph node.

Notwithstanding the discordance between the results, she was discharged to her GP with no further action necessary. Some eight months later she presented her GP because of concerns about the same lump. She was again tested and informed that she had malignancy in her right breast. She underwent treatment, including a mastectomy, but despite this treatment the disease had spread and she sadly died in May 2013.

Unfortunately in this case our client’s cancer was very likely to have been highly virulent from the outset, possibly incurable, even if she had been properly treated at the outset. The initial hospital admitted that they responsible for the poor treatment but denied that this would have made a difference to the eventual outcome that my client had undergone some treatment which was unnecessary.

Tragically, our client died leaving two children to be brought up by their grandmother. She has made a sterling job of bringing up two boys on her own and deserves all the credit one can give. The claim has now settled, and whilst it can never replace the boys’ mother, compensation will help them with their futures.

If you feel you have been affected by a misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis of breast cancer contact Simon Bransby on (01603) 877000 or

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