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Heart attack or stomach acid?

Clinical Negligence solicitor, Sara Westwood, explains the detrimental impact that failure to diagnose a heart attack can have on patients.


When it comes to heart attacks, time is of the essence when it comes to securing the best outcome for patients. Early medical attention maximises the prospects of recovery, but sadly there are occasions where medical practitioners fail to recognise the symptoms.

Unfortunately this is exactly what happened to one my clients.

Our client had started work one morning at 6.00am when he experienced chest pains. He attended at the A&E Department where an ECG was carried out. A nurse told him that he had suffered a heart attack, however when a doctor reviewed the ECG, he said that the nurse was mistaken and that the pains were due to stomach acid. He was therefore sent home and told to seek medication from his GP.

The chest pains continued and ultimately worsened over the next five days, so he re attended at the hospital where he was diagnosed with an acute myocardial infarction. He was admitted and treated, however the delay in diagnosis and treatment resulted in much more damage to his heart. As a result, he was limited in what work he was able to do, he needed help with DIY and gardening and his life expectancy was reduced.

We helped him to make a claim against the hospital for their negligence and his case settled for £75,000.00.

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