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Simon Bransby

Chartered Legal Executive

  • Over 25 Years Experience
  • Specialist in Personal Injury Compensation
  • Regular Poster/Blogger for MJP website

As a Professional

I have a real passion for helping people, especially those who have been injured, whether in accidents or arising out of clinical errors, and have been doing so for over 25 years. It is surprising how time flies but even now I receive comments on the enthusiasm I have for the job, which I love. I deal with all accidents from fairly simple road accidents or a pavement trip, to clinical negligence cases worth several hundreds of thousand pounds, as well as brain injured clients. My biggest recent case was a multi-million pound claim for a young girl involved in a road accident, which made the national press and I was even interviewed on Radio Norfolk, quite a nerve wracking experience, it being one of the top awards ever for a road traffic accident claim at the time. I am currently handling road traffic accident and various other accident claims including for children, a nurse who slipped at work suffering a back injury, many varying accidents at work and highway tripping claims. I also deal with clinical negligence claims including failure of GPs for early enough referral in failed diagnosis of cancer, failure by a paramedic to properly diagnose a patient who died, against A&E for discharging a patience who subsequently died to name but a few. Over the last few months I have settled claims relating to drug addiction where a GP has failed to properly administer prescriptions, a very large claim of several hundred thousand pounds against GP and hospital for failure to diagnose a serious ear infection, and failure by surgeons to properly deal with the consent process for operations.

As a Person

When not working I like listening to music or cooking (often together!), and cycling/running, having given up my car over 8 years ago in an effort to “go green”. I also spend time fund raising, running occasional quiz and chip nights, and I am a keen cyclist in a local cycle club and I am one of those MAMIL’s that you will see cycling round Norfolk’s countryside.


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Simon came highly recommended and lived up to expectation. He took time to explain the course of events to me and is very thorough Thank you from Mrs M in Bury
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Just to say how really grateful I am to you for agreeing to deal with this information. You have been amazing throughout and it would be a fine thing to see this business brought to its proper conclusion. You have done much for my faith in human nature, as well as justice. Mr S from Norwich
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